Road Captains

What is a Road Captain?

A Road Captain (RC) is typically responsible in taking charge of ride planning. This may include, but is not limited to, route, departure time, gas or rest stops, destination and return route. 
Their objectives are as follows:
  • Lead the group to its destination and back in a well-organized, disciplined, and safe manner.
  • Avoid creating hazardous situations.
  • Be knowledgeable of safe riding Guidelines and the Provincial laws.
  • Be prepared to act as a RC when asked by the lead RC who has planned the ride.
  • Lead by example.
Within CMC we do not distinguish between Road Captains and Tailgunners since all of our RC’s are expected to be capable of performing either duty on a ride. For clarity we will refer to the lead rider as a RC and the tail rider as a TG.
The following are your Road Captains.


Senior Road Captain

Road Captains

How to become a Road Captain

  1. Be a member of 072 for at least a year;
  2. Must have a St John’s Ambulance First Aid course or equivalent;
  3. Have at least an M2 MC licence (this will change to full M in 2019);
  4. Attend the Road Captain course;
  5. Complete the written test;
  6. Lead a small group of with your fellow RC and Sr RC;
  7. Once the Senior RC is satisfied with your performance, you will lead one of the Wednesday group ride;
  8. On successfully completion of all the above, you will be given your road captain patch; and