CMC Officers

The club shall be administered by the following officers: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and Financial Officer. Chapters may increase officer ranks to reflect individual chapter needs. Any Officer designation (outside of those outlined above) must be approved by their Provincial, Regional, and/or National Officer.
It is the responsibility of all Officers to adhere to and put in practice all CMC bylaws. All officers must report to the First Officer for any and all chapter issues. The First Officer will consider all remarks and render a decision that he/she feels is best for the club. The First Officer’s decision is final. The First Officer will consult with the Provincial Officer/Regional Officer or National Officer to make the decision best for the CMC and Chapter.
The First Officer will appoint Officers as needed or required to fill vacancies, and will inform the CMC Membership Coordinator and their respective Regional or Provincial Officer of these changes or additions. The First Officer can appoint his/her replacement but only after consultation with their respective Regional/Provincial or National Officer.




Co-founder of CMC 072. A passionate rider who in 2 short years has logged more than 40,000 km on his Harley. He enjoys organizing, leading and tailing various routes with his wife and fellow riders, including the notorious Tail of the Dragon. Mark is a general contractor, manager and friend who has a mind full of information. In the odd moments he is not on his bike, he passionately enjoys time with his daughters, going to concerts, plays and singing together at the top of their lungs to heavy metal music.



2nd Officer

  Tom “2-TALL” 

Tom “2-Tall” 2nd Officer and Senior Road Captain. He is one of the original members of CMC 072 and Rides a Harley – Road Glide Ultra 103. He and his wife (Tina) enjoy riding with their friends and spending time with family.
Tom is a licensed carpenter and is the Owner/Operator of Anderson Enhancements. His passion is woodworking and among many of his talents he is artistic, he is the creator and designer of our CMC 072 1000 Island Chapter Patch.


3rd Officer


Joel Yap serves our beautiful country as a Captain in the Army Reserve currently working full time with the Department of National Defence. He has in the course of his career deployed overseas for tours of duty, in both Afghanistan and Croatia. His commitment to our nation is admirable as he was not born in Canada but immigrated to Winnipeg, Manitoba as a teenager. Like all of our military personnel, he demonstrates exemplary courage and honour in service to our nation. In addition to his military career, he achieved a Fine Arts undergraduate degree from Henderson State University in Arkadelphia, Arkansas. He has travelled widely to many places across the world and adds friends as he goes.
He applies both his administrative and artistic skills to the CMC by freely donating his time and abilities to the club. He has helped to build the 072 chapter’s website. He is active in the rides and social activities of the group.
Facebook friends of Joel always know what he is up to as he frequently “checks in” when patronizing the wonderful restaurants, local attractions and drinking establishments during his travels. He enjoys music, art, movies, books, dancing and all things motorcycle!


Financial Officer

Lisa “GOT-IT”

An originating member of chapter 072, Lisa rides a 650 Suzuki Boulevard S40.  She enjoys riding her own bike around town and riding passenger with her husband “Heathen” on charity rides and large group excursions.   Lisa applies her administrative and organizational talents by freely donating her time and effort as our Financial Officer/Secretary.  She also enjoys helping to plan and organize social gatherings, off season events and helps in any other way the family needs her.  Lisa does her best to wish everyone a Happy Birthday and offer hugs to all in need.
When Lisa is not riding, she can be found in her kitchen experimenting with new recipes and old favourites.  She is a marvelous cook and baker; many have enjoyed her various creations. Lisa quite often bakes for various charities events in Kingston, or just special treats for a friend.  Their home is always open for us to stop by for a quick visit and tasty treat!
Lisa is a dedicated wife, mother and friend.  Whenever you are in need of most anything GOT-IT has it usually has it…. A toothpick, needle and thread, flashlight or tent peg.  This is how she received her road name at the Ottawa rally several years ago.
Lisa loves to make others smile and spending time with her CMC family