About Us


CMC 072, 1000 Islands is proud to be a chapter of Canada’s first and largest all Canadian motorcycle riding group, “Canadian Motorcycle Cruisers”. CMC 072, 1000 Islands officially opened its door to bike enthusiasts on January 19, 2015. Starting out with only 8 members, our group has grown to more than 50 members! We are a family-based social riding club with no membership fees. We encourage and welcome members of all ages and riding capabilities.

As we still continue to grow, CMC 072’s focus remains on exploring the beautiful roads of Ontario, incorporating safety while still enjoying the journey. We take pleasure in meeting members from other CMC chapters and frequently share rides and social gatherings to build and maintain our friendships.

If this sounds like a group you would like to be a part of, feel free to contact us or come join us on a ride during riding season! Once you ride with us and experience the camaraderie we share, we know you’ll be sold on CMC 072, 1000 Islands!







The “CMC” Riding Club was founded in Cambridge, ON, in November 2006. The CMC has a National Officer as the head, a Provincial Officer Board consisting of National Officer, Provincial Officers, and Regional Officers; having autonomous decision making authority on all aspects of the CMC. The purpose of the CANADIAN MOTORCYCLE CRUISERS (CMC) is to provide a safe, family based riding and social club. It is a volunteer, non-voting riding only club; the CANADIAN MOTORCYCLE CRUISERS (CMC) exists as not for profit.

Membership is open to anyone who has an interest in motorcycles and or motorcycling. However, given that the Canadian Motorcycle Cruisers is a private family-friendly, social riding club, it therefore reserves the right to refuse membership applications, should it be deemed in the best interest of the club. 

Our club welcomes all makes and models of motorcycles and exemplifies the rich culture and diversity of Canada.